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Kneipp GmbH – A company with a long tradition and a modern outlook


The lifelong naturopathic studies of the health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation in 1891 for the emergence and development of Kneipp GmbH. Today, the internationally operating company headquartered in Würzburg exports high-quality medicinal products and nutritional supplements as well as body care and bath products to many countries throughout the world and presents itself as a modern health brand with traditional values.

In 1890, Sebastian Kneipp met the Würzburg pharmacist Leonhard Oberhäußer. They became close partners and good friends over their mutual conviction to do good using naturopathic methods of healing. Starting with natural plant essences and other pure ingredients, they created those formulations which still represent the basis of Kneipp products today.

After the first joint experiments of natural remedies in 1891 achieved great success, Sebastian Kneipp placed the legacy of his lifelong studies in the hands of his friend and ally and transferred to him the rights to develop, produce and market pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as well as dietetic foods "with the name and image of Father Sebastian Kneipp".

The Kneipp plants later developed on the basis of these agreements and for generations, they have produced high-quality medicinal products, nutritional supplements and body-care products under the brand name Kneipp. Even today, the company is committed to the large naturopathic legacy of its co-founder after whom it was named.

At present, the Kneipp plants worldwide have about 450 employees. The company, headquartered in Würzburg, has modern production sites: At the main site in Ochsenfurt-Hohestadt, near Würzburg, coated tablets, lotions, bath additives such as bath oils, bath crystals and foam and cream bath products – one of the most important business areas – are produced. The laboratories for research and development as well as quality control and shipment logistics, among others, are also located there.

Kneipp is an independent company within the Hartmann group which operates worldwide and which had an 80 percent share in 2001 and which also took over the remaining 20 percent in April 2008. Along with supplying classical pharmacies, Kneipp primarily markets its products in drugstores and retail food stores.

Kneipp GmbH has been operating successfully on an international level with its subsidiaries in Benelux since 1951, in Switzerland since 1996, and in Japan since 2008. The French natural cosmetics manufacturer CATTIER has belonged to the Kneipp group since 2011 and it is also responsible for marketing Kneipp in France.

The company markets its product concepts through distribution partners in about 18 additional countries. The successful development of existing markets – for example, France, the Czech Republic, China and the USA – is as much of a focus as is the opening of new markets, for example in Asia and eastern Europe. The range of bath and body care products is particularly relevant to Kneipp’s international sales.

Today, Kneipp is a modern, internationally established company with a long tradition and significant development potential that continues to support the important legacy and holistic philosophy of its co-founder after whom the company was named.


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