Sebastian Kneipp

In the 19th century, Sebastian Kneipp revolutionized natural medicine. After he cured himself of his severe tuberculosis - which was considered at that time to still be incurable - through brief baths in the cold Danube, he began to occupy himself intensively with the health-promoting power of water and the healing effects of selected plants.

The result of his many years of study and successful practical applications is a visionary concept of life which is timeless and current. In view of increasing environmental burdens and stress-related diseases of civilization, people nowadays have a more intensive need for effective therapeutic methods and active preventive health measures. For Sebastian Kneipp, this also included regular exercise, a healthy diet and mental-emotional balance. He was thus a pioneer of holistic thought. His name is associated with the expertise of naturopathic and pharmaceutical practical knowledge proven for many generations.

The following pages provide details on the most important stations and events in the life of Sebastian Kneipp:


Childhood and adolescence
Tuberculosis illness
The key moment: Discovery of a water cure
Completion of studies and ordination to the priesthood
Life as the "water doctor" and "cholera chaplain"
Move to Bad Wörishofen
Water applications become a therapeutic concept
Successful book author
Founding of the Kneipp plants
Kneipp's foundations
Kneipp becomes well known throughout Europe
Honored by the Pope
Death and legacy

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