Inner Balance and Relaxation

A full schedule, deadlines and the stress of everyday life makes it difficult to find balance and take time to relax and unwind. Despite our urge to push through and take on the tasks of the day, it is important for our health and the regeneration of our mind and body to take time to relax. Here we offer helpful tips that can be implemented into your daily routine to keep your mind and body healthy and focused.

Relaxation in the bathtub

Relaxing in a bath calls for more than just water and a bathtub. Celebrate relaxation and make the bath experience a ritual!

Bathing and relaxing

The Spa Day at Home

A perfect spa day doesn't require an expensive wellness center. It can also be done at home!

The spa day at home

Fragrance and Color

Fragrance? Color? Many people don't associate these with baths - rather with perfume or the color of a wall. Fragrances and colors play an important role in...

The effects of fragrances and colors


For Sebastian Kneipp, balance means getting in touch with your “inner self” and living healthily.

Health through balance