Kneipp Family - Conditions of Participation (Terms and Conditions), valid from September 1, 2016:

The Kneipp Family - The Kneipp Family is a voluntary, free offering by Kneipp Corporation of America, Inc. with its current address at 2345 Vauxhall Road, Union, NJ 07083, U.S.A. ("Kneipp USA"). Participation requires acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and activation of the Kneipp Family Card (also referred to below simply as Card). Each use of the discount in the Kneipp® shops or through your online customer account, is subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions valid at the time. These can be viewed online or in the Kneipp® shops. Holders of an activated Card are “members of the Kneipp Family” and have access to the benefits and information provided by the Kneipp Family. The Card is the property of Kneipp USA and is issued to you for the duration of your membership. Individuals over the age of 18 who have their permanent residence in the United States or legal entities based in the United States are eligible to participate.

Applying for and activating the Kneipp Family Card online - The easiest way to apply for your Card and activate it at the same time is online via the Kneipp Family website ( Just follow the instructions on the website. After you have entered your details, your customer number and your password for your personal online customer account will be sent to you by email. Your physical Card will then be mailed to you within a few weeks. While waiting for your Card to arrive you can obtain your benefits by using your customer number in Kneipp® shops.

Applying for the Kneipp Family Card via an application form - You can obtain application forms including a Card in Kneipp® shops. The Card has to be activated before you can start using it. There are two ways of activating it:

·      Online activation: You can use the QR code or the Internet address on the application form to activate the Card attached to the application form online, e.g. via your smart phone while in the shop. Just follow the online instructions. You will then receive a 5% discount right from the first purchase you make with your new activated Card. If you prefer, you can activate your Card online later, e.g. from the comfort of your home. All the features of the Card, including the online customer account, will be available to you immediately on activation.

·      Activation by form: Manually completed application forms can be handed in at the Kneipp® shop.  You will then receive your Card and 5% discount on your first purchase. The Card will still need to be activated for subsequent purchases. Activation takes place based on the details you supply and it can take a few weeks. If any of the details are illegible or seem implausible, it will not be possible to activate the Card. Until your Card has been successfully activated, or in the event of illegible or implausible details, the next time you use the Card in a Kneipp® shop you may be informed that the status is “non-active”, and/or that no discount or other benefit will be granted or will be granted only at our discretion and may not be allocated to your Card.

In all cases you are required to provide your details accurately and to notify any changes to immediately or to enter them yourself in your online customer account.

Benefits as a member of the Kneipp Family - As a member you have certain benefits:

Discount in Kneipp® shops: You will receive a 5% discount on the retail price of the products when you present your Card in Kneipp® shops or when you order online using your Kneipp Family customer number in the Kneipp® online shop. No benefits will be awarded for purchases through other shops/sources. We reserve the right to exclude certain categories of products and/or certain specially labeled products from the discount at our discretion which may, for instance, include products already offered at a discounted price.

Attractive offers: You will be informed about new products e.g. by newsletter, product samples and accompanying promotions. In addition, Kneipp Family members have access to special offers. The nature and frequency of the special offers is entirely at Kneipp’s discretion. The pack size, shelf life and design of the product samples may vary from the commercially available products. The benefits referred to here may not be available or may be limited due to certain regional circumstances, restricted availability or the requirements of our distribution partners, for example.

Supporting Kneipp® social charity programs: Part of the revenue from your purchases made using your Card will be used to support social charity programs. Kneipp will provide further information through the website ( The amount of any support is entirely at Kneipp’s discretion.

Online customer account: This is where you can keep your details up to date, view your purchase data and, as a member of the Kneipp Family, place discounted orders in the Kneipp® online shop. You can also retrieve the latest information and news about the Kneipp Family via your customer account.

Eco-friendly: The Card is recyclable.

Data protection:  Kneipp recognizes that your privacy is important.  As such, we seek to use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect your information. Further information is stated below at Data Protection.

Use of the online customer account - The online customer account is only available to you if you have activated your Card online or if you have provided a valid email address on the application form to which your login data can be sent.  The online customer account enables you to view your purchases in Kneipp® shops and your stored data and to change your address details or your password yourself. You can access your online customer account after entering the customer number printed on your Card and your personal password (login data).

You must ensure that your login data are protected from third party access and are only available to you. Any person who identifies themselves as the customer registered under the customer number by correctly entering the login data will be considered to be that customer by Kneipp. If you forget your password you should select the “Apply for new password” option in the login screen of the online customer account. You must change your password if you have reason to think your login data has been or could be misused.

Using your Card - To receive benefits, you must present your Card before a transaction is entered in the system. For online orders you should start by logging in via your online customer account. If you have multiple customer accounts we reserve the right to close duplicate accounts. If the system does not recognize you as a member of the Kneipp Family, for example because you logged in as a guest, it will not be possible for you to be granted the discount. Benefits not claimed at the time cannot be granted later.

Loss of your Card - If you lose your Card please inform us at We will either send you a new application form or a replacement Card (with your previous customer number), at our discretion. If you lose your Card you can also apply for a new Card as described above, either online or via an application form. If you are issued a new customer number we reserve the right to block your previous Card and customer number and to close your online customer account and delete any data it may contain. The Card holder has sole responsibility for storing the Card, and any loss is at the holder's risk.

Termination, changes to offering - You may terminate your membership at any time. You can do this simply by closing your online customer account and/or sending your Card to: Kneipp Corporation of America, Inc. (current address as of Sept. 2016: 2345 Vauxhall Road, Union, NJ 07083, U.S.A.).

We reserve the right to terminate your membership if you have clearly lost interest in being a member, but will not do this until your Card has been unused for one year, or at our discretion if it is not possible to deliver shipments to your registered address. We may cancel your membership at any time if you violate these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right at our discretion to cease issuing Cards or, with a minimum of four weeks’ notice and safeguarding your interests appropriately, to discontinue, reduce, expand or alter the Kneipp Family, to change the conditions of granting benefits, to alter benefits, wholly or partly to discontinue benefits, to offer new benefits or to amend the Terms and Conditions.  Amended Terms and Conditions can be viewed via your online customer account or via the Kneipp Family website ( In the case of amendments to the Terms and Conditions requiring notification you will be appropriately informed in writing (or in text form if you have provided an email address) at your last known address or email address or via your online customer account, if you have set one up.  You will be deemed to have accepted the changes if you do not object within one month following notification of a new version of the Terms and Conditions or if you use your Card again subsequent to the expiration of this one month period.  You can find the current Terms and Conditions on the Kneipp Family website ( You are not required to return benefits granted in the event that the Kneipp Family is discontinued. Your stored personal data will be deleted upon termination of your membership or discontinuance of the Kneipp Family.

Data protection - We will collect, store and use your personal data only for the purposes described in the Kneipp Family Program Privacy Policy and/or our Website's Privacy Policy


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