A guide to choosing shower products

Shower products are all well and good, but which one? Body wash, body scrub - or what about the trendy shower foam? All Kneipp® body wash products are free of preservatives or microplastics and all shower products are nourishing and gentle on the skin. You can find out about everything else in our little shower product guide.

  • Body Wash

    Body Wash

    Kneipp® Body Washes are an experience for the senses. They include inventive fragrance and skin care products containing essential oils. So body washes don’t just clean, they provide completely new showering experiences. The fruity, fresh scents bring an exotic note to showering. The plant oils protect your skin from drying out and give it natural nourishment. Body washes are for keen experimenters, chai drinkers and people with joie de vivre!

    Kneipp Body Wash

  • Shower Foam

    Shower Foam

    A bubble bath in the shower? Enjoy your dream bubble bath in the shower too, thanks to shower foams. How does it work? Quite simply: The gel turns into a velvety soft foam at the press of a button. Shower foams combine creamy caresses for the skin with intense aromas. Rich conditioning formulations meet extraordinary blends of scents. For lovers of daisy chains, cloud gazers and sensitive people everywhere!

    Kneipp Shower Foam

  • Body Scrub

    Body Scrub

    Kneipp body scrubs and sugar body scrubs contain valuable essential oils and ingredients to remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. No need to travel to a spa. Kneipp offers the body scrubs for a perfect spa experience right in the comfort of your home.

    Kneipp Body Scrub

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