Colors and fragrances

Have you had a long workday and are now looking forward to relaxing at home? Has the unpleasant weather made you tired and run down? A nice, long bath would be the perfect thing. But it takes more than just hot water in the tub and some bubbles. Add in some color and also the right fragrances for even more intense relaxation.

How colors work

Each color has a different effect on the organism and can create a wide variety of emotional states of mind: It can stimulate and activate, inspire and cheer up or even also relax, promote concentration or support inner balance.

The color choices for a room or the bath water can also effectively influence the time spent in the tub – a fact you can consider when selecting the bath product. During the darker months of year, invigorating colors are recommended. For example, use strong, bright colors when your spirits are low: Yellow or red have a vitalizing effect on the body and mind which let you quickly forget about the short days.#

The bathroom decor can also create the desired effect. Fresh flowers, candles and other decorative objects in intense colors can further increase the effects of the bath. On the other hand, if you are feeling stressed and need intense relaxation, softer and deeper colors are recommended: Green, lilac or blue have a calming effect and suggest trust and safety.

Fragrances – Effects during the bath

Scents recall memories first and foremost. You can also use them to help influence your mood. The right fragrances can bring the body and mind into harmony and also promote relaxation. Choose a bath product enriched with corresponding essential oils. The fragrance of lemon balm or lavender has a calming effect; by contrast, citrus scents lift mood.

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