Kneipp bath salts: treasure from central Germany

The Saline Luisenhall

Kneipp’s bath salts and bath crystals are top quality: natural thermal spring salts from the Saline Luisenhall in Göttingen.

Luisenhall in central Germany is Europe’s only remaining salt pan. It is an industrial monument which can be visited on request. It’s a feast for the eyes - and for the taste buds, too. Pure salt from the pans is a delicacy. Try it!

Connected by tradition

One thing the Kneipp® and the Saline Luisenhall definitely have in common is a long history. The salt is obtained using a centuries-old traditional extraction method. The thermal brine is pumped to the surface from a depth of over 460 meters. It was formed at that depth from the salt deposits of a 250-million-year-old ancient ocean. So it is untouched by environmental influences, contains natural minerals and trace elements and is of course free of chemical additives, all attributes that benefit the skin in our products.

The brine is purified during the extraction process, in which it is air-dried before being fed into settling tanks to separate it from soil and mud.

The liquid brine is collected at the surface in oak tubs that are around 150 years old. Even today a walk-in wooden oven is used to heat the gigantic salt making pans where the brine is left to simmer, indifferent to the groaning of the half-timbered building under the weight of many centuries.

A day at Luisenhall transports you back into the nineteenth century and the start of the industrial era. In fact, little has changed in the way the salt is produced since 1850, apart from a slight updating of the technology.

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