Kneipp’s Five Pillars

Fahrradfahrerin - essendes Kind - Pflanze - balancierende Frau - Wasser

Sebastian Kneipp’s effective philosophy is grounded on the five basic principles of Water, Plants, Exercise, Nutrition and Balance.

Kneipp developed general, practical rules of thumb and treatments based on these pillars. His five pillars remain so incredibly relevant today that his methods and creations of aromatherapy and plant healing have been copied and refined by many other health programs and experts.

Nature is the best pharmacy.

Sebastian Kneipp

The Kneipp philosophy can be summed up as “Nature is the best pharmacy”. Kneipp’s core concern was to increase general well-being and prevent disease. He was quoted as saying, “Prevention is better than cure”, since “everyone wants to stay healthy and live for a long time, but very few do anything about it.” Kneipp created a concept that is flexible and can be easily incorporated into your everyday life with resources that are present in nature. Discover and experience our Pillars for yourself.