Kneipp’s Five Pillars: Balance

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Balance is an essential pillar in the Kneipp philosophy as it combines all of the learnings from the other pillars to contribute to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

The interaction of all pillar elements keeps the body and spirit in equilibrium- a complete mind, body, and soul approach. A stress-free life is important to warding off physical and mental ailments. A life that is too hectic, with no opportunities for regeneration, leaves its mark on our health. Despite how much we may want to live a life without stress, it can sometimes seem unavoidable. Kneipp’s belief was that by incorporating better lifestyle practices through these pillars, you could get closer to understanding how to find balance in your life and lessen the tension and stress endured on a regular basis.

Everything in due course and everything in moderation.

Sebastian Kneipp

Learning Balance

For Sebastian Kneipp, it was a case of "Everything in due course and everything in moderation". In combination with the other pillars, his rather traditional -sounding (but visionary) “principle of the way of life” was the key to health and happiness.

No one pillar in isolation will achieve the desired result of a balanced lifestyle. These pillars have to be in harmony with each other. No one element should dominate. Embrace all pillars equally and reap the benefits of balance, joy and health.

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