Kneipp’s Five Pillars: Exercise

Fahrradfahrer in der Natur

Enough research and studies have been done at this time that we all understand that exercise and sport are good for your health. Sebastian Kneipp established Exercise as one of his key pillars to living an ideal lifestyle over 125 years ago. Kneipp emphasized the importance of gentle exercise to establish exercise as an activity that could fit into any person’s daily schedule by incorporating simple activities that were not overly strenuous. Exercise could be as simple as taking a walk outside to take in the fresh air. This pillar is often enjoyed by the Kneipp team as many walk the gardens during lunch for gentle exercise and connecting to nature. 

Exercise increases the joy of life and helps men and women by strengthening the body

Sebastian Kneipp

Health through exercise and sport

Regular daily exercise supports and strengthens your body’s auto-immune system and ability to defend against illnesses.

"To remain healthy, a person must move” - this quote from Sebastian Kneipp may sound a bit obvious but at his time, his words were revolutionary <s>as</s> - he encouraged the masses to take part in regular exercise through walking, swimming, bike riding and hiking. 

Here are some simple fitness activities we take part in here at Kneipp: Taking the stairs instead of an elevator, cycling around the building and walking through the gardens during breaks. It’s not just too little exercise that is harmful to your health; Kneipp also advised against extreme, unbalanced exercise: “Too much or too little promotes disease, not health.” Finding the right balance is important and will differ by each individual. You should consult your doctor to determine the proper level of exercise you are able to achieve.

Because Sebastian Kneipp emphasized the importance of exercise, it is no wonder that his favorite herb was Arnica, which is used to treat bruises, aches, sprains, arthritis and muscle and cartilage pain. Kneipp® Arnica bath and body products are often used for post workout and other issues related to joint and muscle pain. Discover our Kneipp Arnica products that are perfect for post workout soothing and care.

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