Bathing and relaxation

Stress, go away: escape the everyday and just unwind. A bath can help with mental clarity, relaxation and healing especially when combined with Kneipp's plant-derived bath products that enhance your well-being. Here are our tips for a cheerful session of relaxation in the water.

  • Warm room temperature

    Warm room temperature

    It's not just the water temperature that should be carefully selected. The room temperature also plays an important role in the body's well-being. 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) is perfect. So if necessary, heat the room well beforehand – just to avoid an excessive temperature difference when you get out of the tub which can create stress for your body.

  • Color therapy with Kneipp

    Color therapy with Kneipp

    What many bath lovers don't know: Along with beneficial ingredients, plants and essential oils, the color of the bath water has a particular effect on the body and the mind. Colors can elevate, stimulate or calm one's mood, as desired. For example, bath additives like our May Chang and Lemon Herbal Bath Oil, transform the bath water to an upbeat yellow for a refreshing and stimulating effect. It is good for combating fatigue and sluggishness and is fundamentally positive.

    For calming and relaxation, blue is recommended, like our Relaxing Lavender Mineral Bath Salt. Warm, coordinated colors in the bathroom also create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. These colors can be reflected in bath mats, hand towels or beautiful decorative items. The use of color therapy helps in speaking to even more of the senses and thus contributes to holistic well-being.

  • Soft fragrances enchant

    Soft fragrances enchant

    A bath is an experience for all of the senses – that is, if you let it be. Along with light and acoustic stimuli, fragrances also play a role in creating a pleasant atmosphere. Select your bath product according to your own preferences and a scent that you find fragrant. Kneipp's Aromatherapy Bubble Bath, Bath Salts and Bath Oils are formulated with high quality essential and nourishing oils that release amazing fragrances to relax, revive and even work to heal ailments through physiological and psychological well-being.

  • The glow of candles and some favorite music provide even more pampering

    The glow of candles and some favorite music provide even more pampering

    If you would like a relaxing bath, avoid glaring lights. Soft lighting, such as candles, is much more appropriate. It calms the body and mind. The same is true of background music. But be aware: Overly fast rhythms sometimes cause the heart to beat faster – far from ideal when you want to calm down.

  • Combining relaxation and pleasure

    Combining relaxation and pleasure

    Relaxation and pleasure – a perfect duo. Combine your time in the bathtub with some culinary delights. Tea or fresh juice add to the feelings of well-being. You can also enjoy a piece of chocolate – everything is allowed. What's important is that it helps you feel relaxed.

    But for this reason, you should avoid large meals beforehand. A full stomach is demanding for the body. If the body is still busy digesting while you are in the tub, this can overburden the body and prevent relaxation.


  • An all-inclusive beauty program

    An all-inclusive beauty program

    As if relaxation weren't enough, a bath can also be used for body care. Whether a hair treatment or a face mask – use the time effectively to allow care products to fully go to work. And after the bath is also the perfect time for body care. Body lotion restores moisture to the skin and strengths its natural protective barrier.

    After a bath with Kneipp nourishing bath oils, no skin care is needed after the bath.  Since the nourishing bath oils are very rich and nourish the skin with a particularly high proportion of lipid-replenishing oils, they also pamper the skin after the bath – when drying off, carefully dab with the towel and avoid rubbing.

  • After a rest is before a rest

    After a rest is before a rest

    After the bath, you should savor its relaxing effect as long as possible. Our tip: Continue the relaxation! Put any stressful worries aside and mute your cell phone. Then: Get on the sofa, read a book, mediate, or lie down in bed. Your body will thank you.