Healthy sleep

Today’s busy lifestyle makes a lot of demands on us. Permanent availability and non-stop communication, flexible working hours and a full schedule are often the rule. That’s why regeneration is so important for us. We need our recovery times to keep us healthy and fully fit. So sleep is an important part of relaxation and recreation. But what exactly are the benefits of sleeping? Is there really such as thing as beauty sleep?

Sleep is the best medicine

We often think more is always better. But it doesn’t apply here, at least not for everyone. How much sleep you require depends on your own individual needs. The quality rather than the length of your sleep is crucial. Five to nine hours a night is good if you are at full stretch all day and into the evening and feel fit. How does sleep help us fill up on new energy?

While we sleep our bodies secrete the hormone melatonin. This makes our bodies switch from day to night-time mode. Our entire body and immune system regenerate during sleep. We metabolize food and store what we’ve learnt in our brain. Our body secretes a hormone that burns fats and firms our skin. In this sense the myth about beauty sleep is right.

Is it healthy to take a lunchtime nap? Yes, a short lunchtime nap is very healthy. It improves concentration and performance, allowing you to cope well with the rest of the day. Just make sure you don’t have more than 30 minutes’ rest. Any longer, and it starts to have the opposite effect. And you should avoid lunchtime naps if you are having difficulty sleeping. Otherwise allow yourself a little rest in the middle of the day as often as you can.

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