The Spa Day at Home

Everyone can immerse themselves in a wellness temple. But beneficial relaxation can't always be found there. Crowded saunas, commotion in the recreation areas and no space in the pool are frequently reasons why a spa day at the wellness oasis means more stress than relaxation. Why not simply have a spa day at home? Here are the instructions on how to do this.

  • 1. Switch off your smartphone, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

    1. Switch off your smartphone, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

    Technology is our constant companion and it is hard to imagine everyone's daily life without it. However, the constant availability is increasingly becoming a burden for many people. This frequently results in restlessness and agitation. Thus it is even more important to regularly indulge in a break and properly switch off in the truest sense of the word. This means: your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, telephone, etc. should all be switched off.

  • 2. Be in the flow

    2. Be in the flow

    When was the last time you were actually attentive, focused and fully present? Think about which activity fulfilled you and in which you were fully and completely absorbed. Because this condition, also known in psychology as "flow," is often neglected.

    Very few people experience this regularly or even know when they last experienced such flow. Sports, for example, can trigger this state. Thoughts about obligations, worries and anxieties practically disappear, you focus on the here and now, movements are executed on their own.

    On a spa day when the focus is on relaxation, athletic activities may not be the best choice. But there are many other – more passive – activities with which you can also achieve this flow: Drawing and painting, reading or listening to music are good possibilities with which you can become absorbed in full concentration and solid relaxation at the same time.

    Grab a book, launch your favorite playlist or pick up a sketching pencil – you will notice how much it helps to get some distance from everyday life.

  • 3. Care from head to toe:

    3. Care from head to toe:

    The right body care is of course also a part of a proper spa day. Indulge your body with a true program of pampering, beginning with a delightful bubble bath. It creates a pleasant, tingling feeling on the skin and with its pleasing fragrances, it lets you immerse yourself in another world – an experience for all of the senses.

    In addition, you can apply a beneficial facial mask which has a deep-cleaning effect and which will make your facial skin wonderfully supple. A hair mask is also a quick treatment and it will ensure radiant, soft hair.

    Important after the bath: Depending on your skin type, be sure to moisturize your skin sufficiently. Skin tends to become dry as a result of the hot water. A body lotion will properly remoisturize your skin.

  • 4. Seductive pleasure for all of the senses

    4. Seductive pleasure for all of the senses

    Combine the bath with relaxing music or a book and do not forget about culinary delights. A delicious hot tea will also warm you from the inside out and contributes to your relaxation. Chocolates round out the enjoyment. Candlelight and flowers help create a cozy atmosphere in the bath.


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