Calluses don't stand a chance

Calluses – Everybody would rather have smooth, soft feet. But standing for too long or new shoes that are too narrow cannot always be avoided. But what can be done about calluses if they already exist?

Say goodbye to calluses – thanks to foot masks

Yes, a peel would be a start. It makes the feet soft and supple. But it doesn't make stubborn calluses go away – so at best, it is suitable as preparation. But shavers and scissors should also be avoided. Better: Gently rub a pumice stone or a fine callus file over rough areas and over tough skin on the heels.

Then pamper your feet with a foot mask. High-quality ingredients such as almond oil or urea support the regeneration of the skin's protective barrier. Leave the foot mask on for five to ten minutes. Tip: Apply before going to bed and put on thick socks – the treatment will work even more intensively overnight.

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