Trimming and Polishing Toenails

Toenails should be trimmed once per month. To do this, we recommend using high-quality toenail scissors. The nails should not grow beyond the tips of the toes. To avoid ingrown nails, the nail should not be trimmed in an oval shape but instead in a spade shape – use a file to round off the corners.

Tip: Soften hard, thick nails in a foot bath.
If a nail threatens to grow in, carefully file the surface of the nail with a fine sand file. The nail will become thinner and softer and lose tension so that it cannot grow into the skin.

Show your colors – Polishing toenails

Prepare the toenails beforehand with a special buffing file. Then massage nail oil in (give it time to be absorbed so that the polish adheres well). Avoid unsightly discolorations: Apply an undercoat before applying polish. Start by brushing a stripe of polish in the middle of the toenail and then work outwards.

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