Wellness for the hands

Whether work, hobbies, athletic activities or household duties – our hands are also always involved. Shouldn't we say thanks to them for that? In the stress of everyday life, the time to do so is usually lacking. We have compiled some tips and applications so that you can give your hands a quick bit of pampering every now and then.

  • Gentle hand washing

    Gentle hand washing

    You can do something good for your hands just by washing them with only with cold or lukewarm water. This is because hot water damagingly pulls oils and moisture from the skin. Constant hand washing with soap also destroys the protective lipid layer of the hands. Tip: A special pH-neutral soap or wash oils should ideally be used.

  • Luxury peels

    Luxury peels

    Peels are an ideal way to remove dead skin flakes. They also optimally prepare the hands for the next treatment.

    Peels are easy to do: Mix three tablespoons of coarse salt with one tablespoon of olive oil and gently massage into the skin on the hands. Then cream should be carefully applied to the hands since they will otherwise dry out quickly.

  • Velvety soft hands thanks to a hand bath

    Velvety soft hands thanks to a hand bath

    A hand bath with fragrant, nourishing oils, such as almond and jojoba oil, and a hand mask afterwards with a rich, nourishing hand cream can be very beneficial and help get rid of rough, chapped areas on the hands.

    Perform the hand bath in the sink or use a small bowl or basin. Before the hand bath, you should wash your hands thoroughly. This is because the hand bath is not used to clean the hands but instead as a hand care treatment. It is important that the "bathwater" not become contaminated.

  • Ingredients for a homemade hand bath

    Ingredients for a homemade hand bath

    Mix 300 ml butter milk with two tablespoons of olive oil. It is recommended to briefly warm the mixture. Bathe your hands for at least five minutes in this milky liquid. During the bath, massage the nails, nail beds, fingers and the inside and outside of the hands evenly.

    After the hand bath, you should only gently dab your hands dry so that as much of the nourishing ingredients as possible can remain on the skin and be absorbed. Particularly dry hands become velvety soft after this treatment. If you suffer from rough, chapped skin or if you have open or inflamed areas on the hands, replace the olive oil with a cup of chamomile tea. This has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Hand massage: Relaxation for the hands

    Hand massage: Relaxation for the hands

    A relaxing, limbering massage is also indulgence for the hands. Hand massages also gently stimulate circulation. Afterwards, the hands feel invigorated and as light as a feather.

    They're easy to do: Clasp your hands and massage the inside of one hand with the thumbs of the other hand, in small circles. Then release your fingers and bend the right ring finger. For about seven seconds, press with your thumb at the point where the ring finger touches the palm. Repeat three times. Then switch hands and repeat the exercises. Finally, rub the hands vigorously as if washing them – this increases circulation.