Skin care during bathing

When it comes to skin care, baths are a real panacea: They can revive your body and soul, lift your mood or relax muscles and joints. And: They nourish your skin, provided you use the right bath products.

Natural oils for a velvety feel all over

All Kneipp bath products contain high-quality plant oils that nourish the skin intensively but gently. Since they are natural products, their fatty acid structure is very similar to the lipids in human skin. And so the skin absorbs and processes the plant oils very readily. This naturally balances out the dryness of the outer skin, rebuilding its protective layer. This helps to protect it better against damage caused by external factors. And your skin can continue to breathe freely, unlike with industrially manufactured oils. Since your skin’s metabolism is not blocked, it can continue to work unimpaired. All Kneipp nourishing bath oils contain particularly high levels of nourishing oils.

Nourishing bath oils supply the skin with valuable lipids

Kneipp’s nourishing bath oils provide special nourishment for the skin. They feature particularly high levels of lipid-replenishing oils, up to 94 per cent. The products make the skin feel soft and supple by providing abundant nourishment, even after a bath. Since the oils form a long-lasting protective layer on the skin, no aftercare is needed following a bath. And even for skin types that are prone to dryness, Kneipp’s oil baths provide abundant nourishment, avoiding the need for further treatments later on.

The right care for every skin type

Almond Blossoms Soft Skin nourishing bath oil is perfectly designed to meet the needs of sensitive skin, pampering it with essential fatty acids. This is because of its particularly high levels of oleic acid, which make almond oil one of the most costly plant oils. The result: The skin feels velvety smooth.

“Beauty Secret” nourishing bath oil also supplies the skin with high-quality fats. The combination of argan, marula, castor and olive oils makes the skin supple and soft and relieves feelings of tension.

Argan oil in particular has an intense lipid-replenishing effect, helping the skin to feel as soft as silk. This Moroccan thorny evergreen is famous beyond its native country as a real health and beauty potion. Independent studies have already demonstrated its effects. So its nickname “Moroccan liquid gold” is no accident.

Nourishing Bath Oil “Warm Embrace” is recommended if you like to feel warm and snug. The product pampers the skin, not just with valuable fats from the macadamia nut, but ginger and cardamom, which warm the whole body. The ingredients also have a calming effect on your spirits, creating harmony and composure. The sensual fragrances complete the moment of pampering perfectly.


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