First Wrinkles, Tired Under the Eyes – Suddenly Demanding Skin

No-one escapes them: Some day, the first wrinkles appear in the mirror. The laugh lines under the eyes no longer vanish easily after laughing, and the skin suddenly becomes demanding. What to do?

Simply more of the same care does not help in this case. The needs of the skin have changed, and the skin care needs to keep abreast of this. It must support the point where over the years the skin develops its weaknesses – thus especially at the skin barrier.

The skin barrier: our protective shield

The skin barrier is the protective shield of our skin. It stabilizes and regulates the moisture balance, while also protecting us from harmful environmental influences.

Put simply, the skin barrier resembles a wall: The corneal cells are like bricks that are surrounded by lipid double-layers – quasi the cement.

With increasing age, increasing external environmental burden or stress, the function of the skin barrier decreases – the “cement” becomes brittle, the skin vulnerable; it becomes drier and loses its fat.

Especially for stabilization and activation of the skin barrier, in cooperation with internationally renowned scientists from the field of dermatology and skin barrier research Kneipp’s skin experts have developed a care series for skin over 40: Regeneration by the powers of nature. The mode of action of the series is now patent-pending.