Mature Skin Needs Your Attention

Is your skin aging? Maybe even faster than yourself? You do not have to accept that. Adapt your care products to the aging of the skin – it makes a difference.

With increasing age, the processes in our skin that ensure its vitality slow down. It becomes increasingly thin, dry and sensitive. The skin now needs your support.

Skin aging – what does that mean anyway?

Where it comes to skin aging, the skin barrier is an important keyword. Its function decreases with time, and with it its ability to prevent moisture loss. In addition, the lipid matrix weakens. This structuring matrix consisting of fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol forms, so to speak, the cement providing firmness to the skin. Over the years, it becomes brittle, which leads to increased moisture loss. The sticking points in skin aging are thus skin fats and moisture. Moreover, it is worthwhile to remember one’s school knowledge about the pH. For the latest findings from our skin research show: The ideal pH of our skin ranges is from 4.5 to 5.0. In this range, the skin’s natural regeneration proceeds optimally, e.g. because the activity of the enzymes that are important for the formation of the skin barrier is significantly increased. Due to external influences, the pH of our skin increases over time, so the natural regeneration processes of the skin are slowed down.

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