Sustainability: one word, many tasks

Kneipps focus on sustainability

Sustainability means more than just switching off the lights. Although this, too, is done automatically in our company as soon as an employee leaves his or her workplace. However, this is only a small component in a complex puzzle.

Three aspects are always in the foreground where it comes to sustainability: Ecology, economy and social matters. In the case of the light switch hence: Lowering energy consumption, thus saving money that could be spent on the qualification of the employees. While it sounds so simple here, with regard to the entire companies this comprises a whole package of measures relating to all things in raw material purchase, production and packaging. At Kneipp, a Sustainability Officer specifically takes care of this. Moreover, several times a year an interdisciplinary working group meets that ensures the further development of sustainability and environmental management activities at Kneipp.

The great importance attached to sustainability at Kneipp is no ​​accident but virtually in our genes. Just look a bit more closely at Sebastian Kneipp’s philosophy. Keyword: Balance. Among his five pillars, this may initially be the most inconspicuous. Yet without this little word, his philosophy is not complete yet – and it defines our mission clearly. For it links the remaining four columns of water, plants, nutrition and physical activity to a goal: Balance of man in harmony with nature. If that is not a formal definition of sustainability…

Accordingly, this issue has been playing a major role in our company for many years. Meanwhile, the effort has paid off: Once again, Kneipp received the independent “GREEN BRAND” seal in 2015. The international organisation GREEN BRANDS ( awards this distinction to brands that produce with environmentally sound practices, work to preserve natural livelihoods and are strongly committed to preservation and the balance of nature as well as sustainability.

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