The facial affusion – or also beauty affusion


The facial affusion on video.

Beauty comes from within: this we agree on. But it can be supported from the outside: The facial affusion is a firming and refreshing treatment for the skin which you can use several times a day – at home in the bathtub. Show your true face!

What the application does:

  • Invigorates body and soul
  • Promotes circulation
  • Counteracts headaches and exhaustion
  • Helps tired eyes after long periods of reading and concentrated work
  • Firms and refreshes the skin
  • Increases circulation in the skin and thus improves the look of the skin and the color of the face; for this purpose, however, the facial affusion should be performed twice daily for four weeks

Here's how to do it:

  • Place a hand towel around your neck and bend slightly forward.
  • Do not turn the water all the way on. Choose a pleasant, gentle flow rate.
  • First aim the cool stream of water at your right temple. Then guide the hose over your forehead to the left temple and then back to the right half of the face.
  • Run water vertically up and down over the right half of your face three times. Then treat the left half of your face in the same way.
  • During the application, inhale and exhale slowly through your mouth. To do so, you may briefly interrupt the stream of water.
  • End the application with three circular motions over the entire face.
  • Do not dry off your face. Instead, gently wipe the water away using your hand. As a result, the body can best react to the affusion.

Do not perform the facial affusion if you have acute frontal and paranasal sinus inflammation. The same applies if you have eye diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts, or if you have facial nerve inflammation.



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