Foot care: not just for high heels and sandals

Beautiful feet, healthy feet – many want that, especially in the sandal season. Thanks to foot care, this succeeds, too. But precisely how can you get smooth feet without calluses and without foot odor? What is an optimal footbath? What is the best care specifically for toenails? We have practical foot care tips.



Foot care routine: Foot bath

A foot bath is part of foot care: We declare war on calluses and cracked skin!

Healthy and beautiful feet, thanks to a foot bath

Trimming and Polishing Toenails

What is the best way to trim toenails? What is the best way to polish toenails? We have helpful tips!

Ideal care for toenails

Calluses don't stand a chance

Remove calluses? How? Many people ask themselves this question. Calluses can be removed with ideal foot care.

Remove calluses in just a few steps

Goodbye smelly feet: Actively combat foot odor

Foot odor – something nobody wants. We will show you how to get rid of smelly feet.

What can be done about foot odor?

The increasing-temperature foot bath