Kneipp’s Five Pillars: Nutrition

Kneipp’s pillar of Nutrition was founded on his belief that we should consciously consume a varied and balanced diet. Nutrition is viewed as the foundation for a healthy and active life as your nutrition creates the fuel for your body to efficiently operate.

Sebastian Kneipps philosophy of nutrition did not believe in eating in order to diet and lose weight. Kneipp wanted to ensure the overall motivation was always on a choosing a healthy lifestyle versus concern over food reduction. The best way to support your own health is by making informed nutritional decisions focused on incorporating plant-based foods that are in-season, fresh and local. Reaching an ideal body weight then proceeds naturally, especially in combination with exercise.

Healthy Nutrition

Simply and naturally: Sebastian Kneipp was fully committed to “simple, nutritious fare” by cooking your own food and using fresh, unprocessed, locally sourced ingredients and plants.

Kneipp’s plant-based nutrition practice incorporates lots of fruit and vegetables on the menu. His motto was “more from the plant, less from the animal”. You don’t have to become a vegan or vegetarian. You can simply play around with recipes and double or replace certain ingredients with doses of veggies.  With Kneipp’s emphasis on eating a plant-based diet, it is no wonder that plants lie at the core of the 5 pillars and also as the foundation for the Kneipp skincare and body care line.

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