Relaxation and sleep

Relaxation and sleep are important. Read about how relaxation and sleep support our health! Also discover our Valerian and Hops - Dream Away collection of bath time favorites and creams to help support a better nights' sleep.


Everyone knows that sleep is important. But what exactly happens when we sleep?

Why sleep is healthy

Difficulty sleeping

What happens when night turns into day and we can’t sleep although we want to?

Difficulty sleeping

Relaxation in the bathtub

Relaxing in a bath calls for more than just water and a bathtub. Celebrate relaxation and make the bath experience a ritual!

Bathing and relaxing

The Spa Day at Home

A perfect spa day doesn't require an expensive wellness center. It can also be done at home!

The spa day at home

Tips on falling asleep

What helps if you’re having difficulty sleeping?

Tips on falling asleep


For Sebastian Kneipp, balance means getting in touch with your “inner self” and living healthily.

Health through balance