In the Shower

Showering is as familiar as eating and sleeping. But there are lots of different ways of showering. And if you know how, you can turn showering into a real shower experience. It’s not just about finding the right shower gel. There are lots of things you can get right - or wrong - about showering.

Shower Tips

Cold showers, hot showers, showering the morning or evening, in the day or night - even as simple a thing as showering is something you need to learn!

Find out the right way to shower.

Dry Skin after Showering

Does showering dry out your skin? How can you prevent it?

Preventing Dry Skin after Showering

Contrast showers

Contrast showers are fashionable. But how do they work?

The right way to have contrast showers

Showering when you have influenza

Should you have a shower if you have a cold? Do cold showers help?

Showering when you have a cold

A guide to choosing shower products

Not all shower products are the same. What’s the right one for each type?

Choosing a shower product