How we work: Kneipp is against animal testing

Are Kneipp cosmetic products tested on animals?

No – and this is something we stress emphatically: Kneipp is against animal testing, does not conduct animal testing and also does not commission any animal testing.

What about the details? How does Kneipp specifically address this topic?

We are against animal testing. We or institutions contracted by us always test the efficacy and tolerance of our body care products and cosmetic ingredients exclusively using alternative test methods, in particular on volunteer test subjects.

What is Kneipp doing in China?

It has become known in the meantime that Chinese authorities independently perform animal testing on products which are placed on the market there, within the scope of the required product registration.

Since we have become aware of this circumstance, Kneipp no longer registers products in China. We do not under any circumstances wish to cause new animal testing to be performed.

Thus only Kneipp products which were already registered earlier or products which do not require registration are available on the market there. In 2016, the registration of numerous Kneipp products expires. We will not re-register these products.

Consumers in China can purchase a more comprehensive product portfolio only via online shops which are located in free-trade zones. In this way, no registration is needed and thus no animal testing will be performed.

What is Cattier doing in China?

Cattier is a natural cosmetic brand of Kneipp GmbH. Cattier also does not perform or commission animal testing. In China, only Cattier products which do not require registration and thus for which no animal testing is performed are available. This is the case, for example, for bar and liquid soaps and toothpastes.

Legal foundations

- Animal testing for cosmetic end products has been prohibited in the EU since September 11, 2004. For more than 10 years now, there has thus been a comprehensive testing and marketing ban in the EU with regard to finished cosmetic goods.

- Since March 11, 2009, testing of cosmetic product ingredients on animals has also been prohibited, provided that suitable replacement methods are available.

- Since March 11, 2013, the prohibition of animal testing for cosmetic products without limitations has been in effect in the EU; thus there is now an unlimited testing and marketing ban for cosmetic ingredients as well. We of course comply with all of the regulations in this regard specified in article 18 of the directive EC no. 1223/2009.

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