We take our time for quality

Whoever has no time for his health will need much time later for his illnesses.

Sebastian Kneipp

With Kneipp and soul

Producing Kneipp products for people's well-being and not investing any time in their quality? Sebastian Kneipp would never have understood such a thing. We feel an obligation to the priest; ultimately, he is like our boss in spirit. For this reason, we devote much effort to the quality and processing of the raw materials to the final product.

Safe is safe

Our products live off of creative and sometimes even crazy ideas. But there are three rules: They must be effective, nature-based, and sustainable and...

How Kneipp ensures quality

From the depths of the earth

We are the market leader in bath additives. And the quality of our raw materials is definitely one of the reasons for this. The best example of this is the salt...

The secret of our bath salts