Ensuring quality

Quality assurance at Kneipp

Our products are developed under the direction of experienced scientists and in close collaboration with internationally renowned university institutes. Before they are launched on the market, they undergo a double safety assessment.
Each of our formulations is tested for tolerance by two dermatology departments working independently of each other. Thanks to special methods, we are able to produce Kneipp body care products without the addition of preservatives. In this way, we protect people's natural skin flora and the environment.

Quality begins with the raw materials

What every chef knows: Whoever only buys the cheapest ingredients won't make anything with the potential to be a favorite dish. This rule can also be applied to other things. This is why we attach great value to the quality and tolerance of the raw materials we use. When selecting raw materials, we take our strict internal safety guidelines into account. These guidelines are based on the assessment of the experience from three decades of collaboration with university dermatology departments.
For a scientific-pharmaceutical company, responsible action means also performing physical, chemical and microbiological product testing as a matter of course. In our large in-house laboratory, we perform comprehensive analyses according to defined inspection specifications at all stages of production – from the raw materials to the final product.

As a simple example: In our products, we deliberately use Arnica montana L., that is, what is known as Spanish arnica. Due to its low allergenic potential, it is particularly suited for application on the skin. To ensure that it is also this arnica which actually ends up in Kneipp products, a sample is taken from each batch and genetically verified.
In this way and also with many other tests and investigations, we ensure that only Kneipp products with consistently high quality make their way to the consumer. The result: A low complaint rate which we are rather proud of.

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