Because We Grow Together

We want working at Kneipp to strike a sense of pride in our team. We make it a goal to mold great teams, where everyone has ownership and recognition. We respect each other, appreciate the skills of colleagues and help each other out whenever needed. Our low staff turnover rate speaks for itself: We maintain long-term relationships, even far beyond the job.

We keep a spirit of cooperation alive just by creating the right internal structure. These include regular staff meetings, mutual feedback, strategies for conflict resolution and clearly defined guidelines. Finally it is often informal contacts and a good network that help in everyday life.

Stronger Together

Growth and Growing together is an important task of our leaders; therefore, our team leaders provide hands-on training of its team members. We also look internally first for ways to fill needs and promote within. We strive to create well-defined career paths as we map out our needs. It is important to us that our team members be fulfilled and satisfied in their responsibilities and goals. 

Of course, we also offer the executives themselves much potential for development, for instance through our Leadership Development Program and also through our belonging to the internationally operating Paul Hartmann AG.

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