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Bath Oil

Powerful essential oil blended into our bath oils to create the perfect remedy in the tub.
Arnica Montana Bath Oil Soak for Joints and Muscle Soothing

Mini Arnica Bath Oil - “Joint & Mus...

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Bath Oil - Arnica for Pain and Muscle Relief - Herbal bath Soak

Arnica Bath Oil - Joint & Muscle

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Our Bath Oils offer curated therapeutic remedies to restore your holistic well-being. Each blend delivers a unique solution to help your body and nourish your skin. Our vegan, plant-based bath oils are blended with essential oils and nourishing oils that really work. Step out of the tub refreshed, renewed and ready to continue your journey with a lingering fragrance that gently scents your skin. Our bath products are formulated from proven remedies from our founder and famous water doctor, Sebastian Kneipp, who discovered numerous water cures and treatments to balance and heal the body and mind. With these concepts, our collection of bath additives and soaks help you get one step closer to wellness.