Benefits of Color Therapy


A Remedy For Every Mood

At Kneipp we add food-grade, safe colors to our products to enhance the well-being benefits of our plant-based bath and body care products. Color therapy has been in use for centuries by ancient Greeks, Chinese Philosophers and Ayurvedi & Yoga Pros for its impact on our energy and mood. Discover for yourself how each color can impact your mood.

Yellow Water TherapyYELLOW 

Use strong, bright colors when your spirits are low. Yellow is a warm color and known to have a stimulating, purifying and cleansing effect. It is the color associated with mental clarity and wisdom and is a great complement when concentration and intellect are needed. Yellow is also known to clear mental fatigue and re-energize the body and mind.

Orange Water TherapyORANGE

Orange is a warm, stimulating color to energize the mood and body. It is a great color for increasing mental energy and fostering courage, especially when related to attaining goals. Orange also is a color associated with stimulation and combating sluggishness. 

Blue Water Therapy BLUE

Blue, with its cooler tone, helps create relaxation. It is known to create peace, serenity and quiet the mind. It has also been used by people suffering from sleep issues to help calm the mind and promote sleep. Blue is also the color that promotes the spirit of truth and the ability to communicate your needs and requirements.

Green Water TherapyGREEN

Green is correlated with balance, harmony and associated with bringing energy and balance to the heart. Green is also used for healing, especially for relieving headaches. Green promotes self-love and compassion and when we reach balance we are then able to give love and understanding.

Red Color TherapyRED

The color red benefits the healing, revitalization and stimulation of the mind and body. It is heavily associated with the fostering of energy, courage and power. Red is a powerful color used in color therapy to increase circulation and clear circulatory blockages, especially in the back and joints. Red can be used to ease tiredness and lethargy.

Purple Color TherapyPURPLE

Purple is associated with the Crown Chakra (top of the head) which is heavily tied to ailments related to depression, confusion, dizziness and other mental imbalances. Purple helps create self knowledge and self awareness and create greater insights and renewal.Purple also helps soothe mental and emotional stress and encourage meditation.