Bathing in Almond Blossom Soft Skin

For many, bathing is a moment of well-being – unless one leaves the tub with wrinkled skin which, when getting dried off, already feels too tight on the body. People with dry skin are familiar with this feeling of tightness.

The Kneipp experts from dermatology, natural sciences and allergology –just to name only a few disciplines – developed the Almond Blossom Soft Skin special care products specifically for dry and sensitive skin. They relieve feelings of tightness, prevent skin irritation and restore the skin's natural balance.

For this reason, the skin care series also contains particularly mild cleansers which prevent the skin from drying out further. In all Almond Blossoms Soft Skin products, we consciously avoid ingredients with a high potential for triggering allergies, as well as preservatives* and dyes and paraffin, silicone and mineral oils.

*according to EU Cosmetics Reg.

Our tips for baths for dry skin

To avoid further damaging dry skin, you should avoid excessively hot or long baths as well as vigorous toweling off. Be gentle to your skin – even when using a hand towel.


Bath products of the Almond Blossom Soft Skin range

Almond Blossom Bath Oil - Soft Skin

Almond Blossom Bath Oil - Soft Skin

3.38 fl.oz.

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