Almond oil for soft skin after showering

The shower stall greets us every day … What is naturally a cleaning ritual for most people is not always beneficial for our skin's balance. For this reason, skin that is particularly dry and sensitive needs very mild and moisturizing substances when showering.

In developing the products in the skin care series Almond Blossom Soft Skin, the skin experts at Kneipp also ensured that the ingredients in the products have very good skin tolerance and are hypoallergenic. We also avoid using preservatives* and dyes and paraffin, silicone and mineral oils.

*according to EU Cosmetics Reg.

Making skin feel velvety soft

The gentle floral fragrance of the Almond Blossom Soft Skin products turns the shower stall into a feel-good space. Pure almond oil, moisturizing jojoba oil and rich shea butter protect the skin from drying out. The Shower Foam Almond Blossom Soft Skin provides a special experience: The gel transforms into a soft, creamy foam.

Our tip to prevent the skin from drying out

The cleansers in the Almond Blossom Soft Skin skin care series are particularly mild. However, if your skin is dry, be sure not to stand under the shower too long and don't turn the water temperature up too high. Be gentle to your skin – after the shower as well, when drying off.

Shower products from the Almond Blossom Soft Skin range

Almond Blossom Body Wash  - Soft Skin

Almond Blossom Body Wash - Soft Skin

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