Stay healthy and fit

Prevention is better than cure. You only appreciate being healthy once you are ill or injured. Many pay little attention to their health in everyday life. But what exactly does it mean to live healthy and to be fit? What can I do not to get sick in the first place? How do I eat consciously? What can I do if I am not keen on exercise but still want to be fit? What can I do for ailments such as tension or sore muscles? We have some tips for you.


Nutrition is the foundation for living a healthy and active life. Discover tips from our experts on eating well and maintaining a balanced diet.

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Healthy through sports

Sports are beneficial and support health. But after fitness and training activities, the muscles need to recover.

Now learn about the best way to do sport activities!

The common cold

Household remedy when you have a cold: Take a cold relief herbal bath!

How a cold relief bath works


Everyone knows that sleep is important. But what exactly happens when we sleep?

Why sleep is healthy