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There’s bath additive for every type of bath. Whether simply for relaxation, time for two or refreshment after a tiring day in the office: There’s the right bath additive from Kneipp® for every occasion. Whether bath salts, bath oil or even bubble bath - it's easy to be spoiled for choice. For that reason, we'd like to explain: What bath additives are available? What are their effects and what are they used for?

  • Bubble Bath

    Bubble Bath

    Bubble bath is probably the most well known bath additive. It makes delightful bubbles and is slightly tingling – wonderful for relaxing and unwinding. The Kneipp® Aromatherapy Bubble Baths do not just pamper the skin but instead appeal to all of the senses with their fragrances and colors and have a holistic effect on body and soul. Anyone with a tendency to develop sensitive and dry skin should not forget to use moisturizing lotion after the bath.

     Kneipp Bubble Bath

  • Bath Salt

    Bath Salt

    Kneipp® Mineral Bath Salt contains a high percentage of thermal spring salt, a natural product in pure form, free of any chemical additives. Bath salts nourish the skin with natural minerals and gently clean it. Complemented with special fragrant essences, Kneipp® bath salts stimulate all of the senses.

    Kneipp® uses high-quality salt for their mineral bath salt products which is obtained according to a centuries-old traditional extraction method in the Saline Luisenhall in Göttingen. The basis of this salt is the thermal brine from a depth of more than 460 meters which comes from the salt deposits of a 250-million-year-old ancient ocean.

    Those who don't want to give up bubbles during a bath experience will want to take a look at the new bubbling mineral bath salt. They combine a beneficial and gentle bath experience with the enjoyment of tingling bubbles.

    Kneipp Bath Salt

  • Bath Oils with nourishing oils

    Bath Oils with nourishing oils

    The nourishing bath oil features high-quality oils which provide the skin with abundant lipids and help it maintain its moisture level. It contains up to 94 percent lipid-replenishing oils to benefit the skin. Since the oils are of purely plant-based origin and are not supplemented with silicones, paraffin or mineral oils, they nourish the skin naturally and very gently. Pleasant fragrances intensify the feel-good effect of the nourishing bath and turn it into a holistic experience for the body.

    Kneipp Bath Oils

  • Bath Oils with essential oils

    Bath Oils with essential oils

    Essential oils have a variety of effects. They can support or create certain moods, as desired. Citrus scents can, for example, invigorate and refresh the body. By contrast, aromatic essences such as lemon balm or valerian have a relaxing and calming effect. They can be suitable for enhancing relaxation. The Kneipp® bath oils offer many different and unique fragrance combinations.

    Kneipp Baths Oils

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