Showering when you have a cold

Showering refreshes body and soul. A cold or lukewarm shower in the morning gets your circulation going. A hot shower in the evening lowers your blood pressure and makes you tired. You can even get your immune system into shape by having cold showers, contrast showers and Kneipp affusions. But what about if you have a cold?

Cold showers for the immune system?

If you have a temperature it’s simply too late to try strengthening the immune system with cold showers. In such cases you should generally avoid showers. If you have a cold, rather than influenza, you should shower at a pleasant temperature.

If your body temperature fluctuates when your immune system is weakened, it puts an additional strain on the body’s defenses. That’s because the change in temperature changes your body’s circulation which then triggers stress. Cortisone is the culprit: this releases it and it suppresses the immune system.

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