How Kneipp purchases raw materials

Actions and transactions

High-quality products require high-quality raw materials. To meet our own requirements, we have defined strict procurement guidelines. These include clear rules on the subject of sustainability. First during supplier qualification and later in their discussions with the vendors, Kneipp’s purchasers generally negotiate sustainability aspects as well. For the respective ingredients, e.g. sustainability reports and / or sustainability concepts are demanded.

As regional as possible, as international as necessary

Wherever possible, we prefer native plants. Many of the raw materials used for Kneipp products are therefore procured from Germany or other European countries. Here the quality of the raw materials must always meet our requirements.

However, not all required vegetable raw materials are available in sufficient quality or even at all from European farming. Due to natural conditions, some plants, such as the shea tree, will not grow on our continent.

Setting priorities

For compensation, we procure other raw materials from local or German cultivation even if they could be obtained from the world market at the same quality and a lower price. This is, for example, often the case with St. John’s wort – a classic medicinal plant already used by Sebastian Kneipp himself and today still to be found in many Kneipp products.

Examples of sustainable raw material sourcing