Bath experience

Bathing is not only good for health and cleanliness, it is also an amazing relaxation experience. Here we try to help you through your bathing experience based on skin needs and desired results. Also discover amazing bath additives from our collection of bubble bath, bath oil and bath salt to enhance your bathing experience based on your needs from post-sport muscle aches to pure relaxation. We hope to answer many of your bathing questions and enhance your knowledge of why bathing can be amazing for you.

Bathing in summer

In summer, people take showers or go swimming. But a bath is also worthwhile. We will tell you why you should also get into the bathtub in summer.

In the bathtub in summer

Bathing when muscles are sore

No reward for effort: Sore muscles. A relaxing bath supports regeneration.

Relaxing in the bathtub when muscles are sore

Bath Tips

Anybody can bathe - not really! For a bath to be fun and healthy, a few points should be kept in mind.

The best way to bathe, thanks to our tips

Bathing after sports

After sports or fitness activities: head for the shower? We recommend a regenerating bath!

Why take a bath after sports

Bathing and Beauty

Bathing and beauty go hand-in-hand perfectly. We'll show you how this can be done.

Now Bathing and Beauty

Skin Care During Bathing

Bathing can provide ideal care for the skin – if you know how to do it correctly.

Pamper your skin during the bath
Entspannung beim Baden

Relaxation in the bathtub

Relaxing in a bath calls for more than just water and a bathtub. Celebrate relaxation and make the bath experience a ritual!

Bathing and relaxing

Winter Baths

Taking a bath is nothing special in winter. Unless it's outdoors. This is healthy and revives your spirits!

Discover the charm of bathing in winter