Bathing and Beauty

Bathing and Beauty: a perfect duo. A bath goes wonderfully well with a beauty program. You don’t just save time - some applications work wonders in the hot water vapor. Peeling, hair treatments or face masks - we’ll show you the care package that works best whilst bathing.

  • Morning or evening? When is the right time to bathe?

    Morning or evening? When is the right time to bathe?

    It’s all about choosing the right time: To make the most efficient use of the relaxing effect of a bath, the best time of day is in the evening around 9.00 pm, just before you go to sleep. Bathing makes you tired and so it’s a great way to prepare for night-time. A cold bath, on the other hand, refreshes you and gets your circulation going. So you need to choose the time of day carefully, for instance in the morning or afternoon.

  • Hot, lukewarm, cold? What temperature should the bath water be?

    Hot, lukewarm, cold? What temperature should the bath water be?

    Bath water temperature: If you want to refresh yourself and stimulate your circulation, choose a cold bath. But avoid water temperatures lower than 15 degrees Celsius. It’s particularly important to keep cold baths short. Just a few seconds are enough to get the circulation going. If you spend too long in a cold bath you risk hypothermia.

    The bath water shouldn’t be too hot

    A hot bath is primarily used for relaxation. The recommended water temperature is between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius. The bath water should not be any hotter than that: If the temperature is too high it may put a strain on the cardiovascular and circulatory system. And skin is de-moisturized at higher temperatures. The recommended time for a hot bath is 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Bath time - How often and how long?

    Bath time - How often and how long?

    Staying in the bath too long can damage the circulation and dry out your skin. So a bath should normally not last more than 20 minutes. But it should last a minimum of five minutes to allow you to gain any benefit from the relaxing and beneficial effects of bathing. And how often? One to two baths a week are advisable.

    A little tip for any cool bathing friends: If you take a cold bath you should only stay in the water for a few seconds and then warm yourself up properly. So let’s go: Hop in the tub!


  • Vitalizing face masks

    Vitalizing face masks

    If you’ve ever had a treatment from a cosmetologist you’ll know that a warm damp hand towel is placed on your face before the treatment begins. There’s a good reason for this: The heat opens up your pores, allowing the ingredients of the skincare product to penetrate deeper into your skin and exert their full effect when applied.

    The warm water vapor that rises during the bath has a similar effect. It makes a face mask even more effective. And after the bath you can still benefit from the dilated pores since they enhance the effect of skincare products such as lotions.

  • Cleansing peeling

    Cleansing peeling

    Peeling removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation. A bath enhances the benefits of facial peeling. The water vapor from the bath ensures that the pores dilate, allowing the peeling and its ingredients to be absorbed and to act more effectively.

    So there are plenty of reasons to have your skin peeled regularly. If you don’t want to use products from the supermarket shelf, you can even make you own peeling. You just need a mortar and pestle and the right ingredients.

    Our tip: To make your own body peeling, simply mix pure Kneipp Ancient Sea Bath Crystals with a skin and massage oil in a mortar and grind the salt crystals until the mixture has the desired consistency.


  • Deep penetrating effect hair treatments

    Deep penetrating effect hair treatments

    The warm water vapor improves penetration of hair treatments. It lets the ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin and repair lines. It smooths the surface, preventing the skin from splitting.

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