Foot care routine: Foot bath

Calluses? Tough skin? High heels worn for too long? New shoes broken in? Or would you just like to have beautiful, cared-for feet for sandal season? There are many reasons for a foot bath. We'll show you the best way to have one.

1. Foot bath

For the foot bath, we use warm water that is about 37 degrees C/98 degrees F – this makes our skin and nails supple and softens calluses and areas of dry, cracked skin. However, only bathe the feet for a maximum of ten minutes, otherwise the skin softens too much and becomes vulnerable to small injuries and nasty germs.

2. Bath additives

Additives make the foot bath even better: Plant-based oils replenish lipids. Essential oils such as mint or rosemary have a deodorizing effect. In short: Additives refresh and nourish.

3. Hot/cold contrast baths

Optional: A healthy addition to a beneficial foot bath is a hot/cold contrast bath. To do this, dip the feet every one to two minutes into a tub, bowl or bucket filled with cold water – this stimulates circulation.

4. Foot peels

Intensive care: Those with plenty of time can additionally perform a foot peel. A peel removes dead skin cells and counteracts the formation of calluses. Our tip: Crush Ancient Sea Bath Crystals in a mortar and mix them with skin or massage oil.


5. After the bath

Dry the feet off carefully (especially between the toes). Then carefully push back the cuticles using a rosewood stick. Massage in a foot cream with urea. Now your feet have the best protection against drying out.

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