Goodbye smelly feet: Actively combat foot odor

Foot odor is generally a matter of predisposition. But the wrong materials and dietary habits are also at fault. Synthetic fibers, wool socks and thermal insoles increase sweat production. By contrast, leather shoes, cotton socks and cork soles allow feet to breathe.

Our feet also sweat following the consumption of things such as coffee, black tea and alcohol. Ginger tea and green tea are good alternatives. Sage tea in particular inhibits sweat production.

To avoid unpleasant foot odor, wash your feet every day and carefully remove particles of skin and dirt from under the toenails using a nail file or a rosewood stick.

A warning for the feet: Broken toenails, corns, blisters due to tight shoes, athlete's foot or fungal infections of the toenails are not to be taken lightly. These are jobs for specialists. You should contact an experienced podiatrist or dermatologist and undergo treatment.

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