Groomed fingernails – made easy

Splitting, broken, chewed off: If the fingernails are in poor condition, the entire hand looks unattractive. Inadequate care or no care can also lead to inflammation. However, strong, beautiful fingernails are not so easy to come by. We have a few nail care tips so that you nails always look healthy and beautiful.

Tip 1

Ideally, the fingernails should never be cut but instead only ever filed. But please not too short or too round since the nail bed can become inflamed as a result and there is a risk of ingrowth.

Tip 2

Often forgotten: Hand cream should be applied not only the hands but to the fingernails as well to prevent them from drying out.

Tip 3

If you use nail polish, be sure that it never remains on your nails too long and afterwards, take a break from nail polish. It is possible for the nails to develop yellowish discoloration due to overly frequent use of nail polish. That's why you should always apply a protective undercoat underneath the nail polish.

Tip 4

Our nails also benefit from good, balanced nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are particularly important for hard fingernails. And of course you should drink enough fluids – 2 to 3 liters of water or heavily diluted fruit juice throughout the day is recommended.

Tip 5

Olive oil can be massaged into soft and fragile fingernails and it can also be applied to nails before washing or cleaning. Alternatively, they can also be brushed or massaged daily with lemon juice.

Tip 6

Ingrown nails can be eliminated by wrapping them with a small, oil-soaked cloth.  The next morning, the nails will be soft enough that they can be easily cut.

Tip 7

Protect fingernails from dirt: When performing dirty work, the fingernails can be rubbed over a piece of soap beforehand in order to fill them. This prevents dirt from getting under the nails and they are easy to clean afterwards.

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