Natural household remedies for beautiful, cared-for hands

  • Acids are good for cleaning: The power of lemons

    Acids are good for cleaning: The power of lemons

    A hand bath with squeezed lemon halves softens the water and also the skin on the hands. Even rubbing the hands with the inside of a squeezed lemon clarifies the skin and makes it supple.
    For dirty hands, housewives have always recommended a paste of powdered sugar and some lemon juice, as a gentle cleanser. At the same time, this will also soften rough skin.

    For beautiful, supple hands, do not dry them off after washing them but instead rub them thoroughly with lemon juice and carefully massage it in. There is no need to rinse the hands off afterwards.

  • Muesli does it: Oats for beautiful hands

    Muesli does it: Oats for beautiful hands

    The hands can benefit from an oatmeal bath. Pour boiling water over a handful of oats, let the mixture stand briefly and then slowly immerse the hands in it.

  • Spots on the hands

    Spots on the hands

    Vinegar is ideal for removing spots on the hands. Massage a bit into your hands and then apply cream. For stubborn spots, make a paste out of oil and sugar and massage it into the hands.

    Stains on the hands from fruit can be avoided by rubbing the hands with a slice of lemon before preparing fruit.

    Ink stains on hands can be removed by rubbing them off with a pumice stone. The stains can also be carefully dabbed with citric acid.

  • Kneipp affusion for the hands

    Kneipp affusion for the hands

    In the winter, when fingers are icy after spending time outside and feel as if they are frozen, water can be run over both hands, alternating between warm and cold. This encourages circulation and the hands can once again be better provided with nutrients.

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