Beautiful hands thanks to the right cream

What's in a good hand cream? Above all, ingredients which bind and retain moisture in the skin. In technical terms: Glycerin and urea (a natural component of our skin). A cream with urea is ideal for very dry hands. Olive oil and shea butter, for example, provide fatty acids which have a skin-calming and regenerating effect.

  • Day hand cream

    Day hand cream

    Did you know? Even with hand creams, there is a difference between day and night care. During the day, you should use creams which are rapidly absorbed. In the daytime, try our Soft in Seconds Hand Cream (link to Soft in Seconds Hand Cream) with lemon verbena and avocado butter. It is rapidly absorbed and provides intensive care.


    Kneipp Hand Cream "Soft in Seconds"

  • Night hand cream

    Night hand cream

    Rich hand creams are ideal for nighttime use. They protect better because their lipid film - which would be bothersome during the day - is absorbed slowly at night. Tip: To intensify the nourishing effect, put on cotton gloves.

    The Kneipp Almond Blossom Hand Cream "Soft Skin" is ideal for nighttime use. Its richness provides long-lasting protection against drying out. 

    Kneipp Hand Cream "Soft Skin"

  • Special hand cream for extremely dry hands

    Special hand cream for extremely dry hands

    If your hands are extremely dry and chapped, you can use our Evening Primrose + 5% Urea Hand Cream. This intensive care was developed together with dermatologists especially for the needs of chapped, stressed hands. It contains a special combination of high-quality, natural nourishing ingredients and oils (evening primrose oil and almond oil) which feature a high level of essential fatty acids.

    Kneipp Hand Cream "Calming Evening Primrose"

  • Hand cream for mature skin

    Hand cream for mature skin

    For rather mature skin over 40, the hand cream of the Kneipp® Natural Cosmetics series Reactivation by the Power of Nature is very well suited. The combination of natural active substances with lady’s mantle extract protects against photo-aging and free radicals. The easily absorbed cream intensively moisturizes the skin and leads to smoothening of the skin, which can be proven through skin physiology testing. For noticeably smooth and supple hands.

    The patented quadruple mode of action of the Reactivation by the Power of Nature series activates and stabilizes the function of the skin barrier in a natural way. The efficacy and tolerability of the series have been extensively tested and confirmed in independent dermatological compatibility tests, dermato-physiological efficacy studies, and observational studies.

    Kneipp Lady's Mantle Hand Cream "Reactivation"

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