Wintertime is hand care time

Cold, wind, wetness, dry indoor air: During the cold months of the year, you should take particularly good care of your hands. This is because the production of the skin's own protective lipids decreases as the temperatures go down. At minus eight degrees Celsius/eighteen degrees Fahrenheit, it stops almost entirely. In addition, there is constant hand washing (to warm the hands).

The protective lipid layer of the hands dissolves and the skin becomes chapped and rough. For this reason, apply a rich hand cream to your hands several times per day.

Be careful with gloves: Avoid synthetic fibers since they can create a damp, unnatural atmosphere in the glove which is very detrimental to the skin. It's better to use breathable fibers, such as cotton.

And even if it seems excessive: Wear protective gloves when washing, cleaning and working in the garden so that your hands do not unnecessarily dry out and the fingernails do not break.

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