125 years of Kneipp knowledge about nature

Had Sebastian Kneipp's life  not been plagued with any problems, who knows – perhaps Kneipp GmbH would not exist today. Sebastian Kneipp was born in a small Bavarian village in 1821. When he was 26 years old and studying for the priesthood, he was diagnosed with “consumption” which was known as Pulmonary Tuberculosis. At the time, this was almost always a fatal and dreaded illness, but Kneipp treated himself with hydrotherapy in the ice-cold Danube River and began to experiment with water treatments and created water cures to regain his health. With his gained knowledge he published a book called “My Water Cure”, which became a bestseller in Germany and even today can be found in most Naturopathic libraries.

During his lifespan, Sebastian Kneipp educated, shared and ultimately provided all people with a simple plan to maintain good health through the natural healing powers of water, plants and herbs. Commonly known as one of the forefathers of the naturopathic medicine movement and inventor of the Water Cure, Kneipp’s life philosophy, teachings and five pillars remain at the core of the Kneipp brand.


The creator has not given us all of the wondrous plants and intelligence freely.

Sebastian Kneipp

A 125 Year History, Significant Today

Today the Kneipp® brand embraces its historical values by expertly combining the composition of science and nature to produce optimal, quality certified formulas that nourish, rejuvenate, beautify and invigorate the skin and body. Kneipp products can be found throughout Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Israel, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria and now within the United States of America. We are excited to share our history, philosophy and products during our country expansion.  

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