Difficulty sleeping - what can I do?

In the fairy story, Snow White couldn’t wake from her sleep. But what happens if it’s the other way round: if you can’t get to sleep? Having too little sleep has lots of negative effects: You feel tired during the day, have difficulty concentrating, your fitness declines, you lose motivation, you become irritable and feel anxious.

When does it become a problem?

If we don’t get enough sleep over a prolonged period our body’s internal immune system may be attacked and the risk of cardiovascular disease and depression may increase. But many people don’t take difficulty sleeping seriously. What exactly are the signs that you have a problem?

·         fewer than 4 hours of sleep per night

·         serious difficulties falling asleep

·         waking up several times in the night and difficulties getting back to sleep

Getting less sleep now and again doesn’t hurt. But if the symptoms listed above persist over a period of several weeks, you need to take your difficulty sleeping seriously and consult a doctor or non-medical practitioner. Here are a few tips on falling asleep.

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