Getting back to sleep: what helps if you’re having difficulty sleeping?

Sleep is vital for our health. Our skin, immune system, fitness or digestion all require healthy sleep. So difficulty sleeping is a serious matter. Insomnia or difficulties falling asleep don’t just make us tired and irritable - over the long term they also make us susceptible to disease. So we’ve put together a few helpful tips.

Avoid bright areas.

Light stops the body from secreting melatonin, the sleep hormone. So turn out the lights at the end of the evening. Tips: Don’t switch on bright lights in the bedroom. Brush your teeth well before you go to bed. Turn off smartphones, laptops and tablets long before you go to sleep, as the display light is a real melatonin killer. Only use dimmed lights in the bedroom, don’t use alarms with flashing lights and make sure the room is completely darkened.

Fresh air and room temperature

Leave the window wide open for five minutes to air the room before you go to sleep. Plenty of oxygen makes you tired. The room temperature shouldn’t be too high: the best temperature is 18° Celsius.

Relaxation bath

Have a relaxing bath just before going to bed, for example with the Kneipp Lavender Bath Oil "Relaxing".

Avoid cold feet

Your body needs a good supply of blood, right down to your feet, so that it can spread heat and let you fall asleep. Tip: Bathe your feet with Calendula & Orange Mineral Foot Bath Salt.

Bedtime drink

Drink a hot cup of tea before going to sleep, for example a calming herbal tea or St. John's wort tea. They help you calm down and relax. Hot milk with honey can also promote sleep.

Exercise restraint

It’s best to stop any physically demanding sport two hours before you go to bed and restrict yourself to light meals for several hours before you go to sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping you should avoid alcohol.

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