Bathing after sports

After sport comes recovery - and a bath. If you’re in training you have to give your body time to regenerate and prepare properly for the next session. So your body doesn’t increase its fitness during sport but afterwards. A long bath can help with regeneration.

Bathing relaxes the muscles

The heat of a hot bath is beneficial for your body - particularly after sport. It stimulates the blood supply, which particularly benefits the muscles after physical exercise. That’s because whilst you are tense during sport you can relax and ease any cramp in the hot water. One more good reason to have a bath after sport is that: By stimulating your metabolism, it helps your body to repair minor damage to the muscles more quickly. So sore muscles can be helped in the early stages.

Benefits the skin

No-one would deny that having a bath after sport is good for reasons of hygiene. But it’s not just about that: While your body sweats during sport it loses minerals that sometimes leave deposits on your skin. This causes irritations and impurities, which are particularly unpleasant for people with allergies or people who are already prone to sensitive skin. To prevent this, it is therefore advisable to wash thoroughly and clean your skin after sport.

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