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Feeling good naturally: What we can still learn from Sebastian Kneipp's insights today....

Sebastian Kneipp's insights are more relevant today than ever. In the picture, a woman enjoys the cool water of a lake.
Sebastian Kneipp's insights are more relevant today than ever. In the picture, a woman enjoys the cool water of a lake.

Water, plants, movement, nutrition and balance

Kneipp knowledge: more relevant today than ever before

To our founder, Sebastian Kneipp (pronounced Kuh-nipe, like “type”), water was everything. In fact, he was known as the “Water Doctor” in Europe, pioneering hydrotherapy and holistic healing 130 years ago. People came from far and wide seeking his healing expertise and that tradition continues today. Only now, you can experience it in the soothing comfort of your very own bathtub. 

Sebastian often said, “Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health,” so, he embarked on a mission to find the most restorative plants, like Arnica, Valerian and Lavender, and pure, mineral-rich salts. He found the salts in Göttingen, Germany at the historic Saline Luisenhall. You’ll find them in all Kneipp Bath Salts to this very day, in your very own soothing bath.

Sebastian Kneipp's insights into the healing power of nature and the interplay of the five pillars, water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance, are still the foundation of the Kneipp® brand today. We see it as our task to preserve Kneipp's legacy and to transport it into today.

We are convinced that his philosophy is more relevant than ever.

A woman relaxing in nature.

The return to the power of nature, to the effectiveness of water and plants, is a topic in the media, science and also in conversations among friends.

Balance or "order", as Kneipp called it, is what we would perhaps call mindfulness today. Kneipp's understanding of healthy eating is echoed in the growing interest in vegetarian meals and trends like clean eating. An entire industry has even developed around healthy exercise, away from competitive sports and drill.

Kneipp's knowledge can be our guide to the challenges of today.

Everything we need to stay healthy has been abundantly given to us by nature.

Black and white photo of Sebastian Kneipp
Sebastian Kneipp

5 pillars for a healthy life

Modern medicine cannot be replaced by naturopathy. However, natural methods and applications can help us to live healthier and increase our well-being. The best example is Sebastian Kneipp's water applications: From helping us fall asleep to anti-aging, it's all here.

In addition to the healing power of water, Kneipp also studied the effects of plants, healthy nutrition, exercise and balance. The result is a holistic 5-pillar philosophy that gets by without compulsion and perfectionism. Just always everything in the right measure...

Here's how you can put Kneipp's knowledge to work for you:

Sebastian Kneipp's 5-pillar philosophy as a guide for a healthy life

At Kneipp, we believe in the power of nature to nurture.

From raw materials to production and packaging: sustainability is our focus

Black and white picture of Sebastian Kneipp

Ahead of its time

With his philosophy, Sebastian Kneipp provides answers and tips to the questions of our time. But even in the 19th century he already achieved worldwide fame as a water doctor and herbalist with his natural healing methods.

How did the son of a Bavarian weaver achieve such fame?

woman in a Kneipp bath soaking in mineral bath salts

Why use Kneipp mineral bath salts?